Itasca Baptist Church
Friday, July 12, 2024
That Christ May be Exalted

I.B.C. History

"The Steeple Church" was built in 1907 and is considered a historical landmark. The steeple rises 107 feet in the air, making it one of the tallest structures in the old village.

A Brief History
(as found in a letter to Ms. Miriam Greenblatt from Rev. Robert Bragg, dated 10/7/1975)

In 1969 the Corinth Baptist Church of Chicago with Rev. Denzel Alexander as pastor came and remodeled the vacant church. They moved back into the city in 1971. In August of 1971 the Tabernacle Baptist Church of Bensenville, which was founded in 1965, was looking for property on which to build a new church. Instead, under the leadership of their pastor, Rev. Robert Bragg, they took the Itasca Baptist Church and chose to retain the name of Itasca Baptist Church.

The first members of Tabernacle Baptist church were: Mr. K Mrs. Leroy Buchheit, Mr. I Mrs. Grady Baker, Mrs. Leone beavers, 1r. A Mrs. Fred Bergmann, Mr. & Mrs. Alton Bowman, Mrs. Maxine Dean, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Higginbotham, Mr. & Mrs. William Jonas, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Phillips, Mr. Mrs. William Rudolph, Mr. & Mrs. Clifton Watts Mrs. Janet Winchell. Rev. Robert Bragg was the first pastor*

The church was at 306 S- Park, Bensenville; it moved to 210 S. Walnut, Itasca. The building was built in 1907 by builder Fred Westendorf.